person with thalassemia

"Nutrition and Thalassemia" Webinar Available Online

February 10, 2011 – Dr. Ellen B. Fung’s informative and valuable presentation on “Nutrition and Thalassemia,” the subject of CAF’s first webinar, is now available for viewing on the CAF website.   Dr. Fung (PhD, RD, CCD), who is am Associate Clinical Research Scientist at Children’s Hospital & Research Center, Oakland and an Associate Adjunct […]

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Information for Thalassemia Visitors to the U.S.

Individuals with thalassemia who live in countries other than the United States and are planning to visit the United States should be aware that the health care delivery system in the United States may differ significantly from that of their native countries. In particular, in the United States health care is not provided free of […]

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