I am a person with thalassemia

Below are some links that may be of interest to individuals with thalassemia.

Welcome to the Cooley’s Anemia Foundation website! The Cooley’s Anemia Foundation exists to help individuals with thalassemia meet the challenges that are associated with living with this blood disorder. (You can read about our mission and purpose by clicking here.)

Rahul Kapoor a 19 year old college student who is very interested in assisting us. He gets transfused every 3 weeks and will be available on the weekends to help. Rahul with his friends.
Alyssa Altieri – is a 25 year old with thalassemia major. She’s such a sweet person!!! She’s doing great with the blood disorder. She started getting transfused at the age of 3, diagnosed at 5 months. She is currently working full time at a eye doctor’s office.
Ralph Colasanti a 49 year old thal intermediate patient who has had some problems along the way but is doing good right now.
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