Shout Out to Pt. Richmond High School

April 29, 2013 – As you already know (and you do know this, don’t you), May 5 is the official date for our annual Care Walk – a chance for people to show support for all those with thalassemia while raising funds to help CAF in the fight against thalassemia. But because we designed Care Walk with ultimate flexibility (you walk where you want, with as many or as few people as you want), some people are doing their Walks earlier than May 5.

Pt. Richmond High School in Staten Island, NY is one of those groups. They had a great Walk on April 15, and we thank them for being “Early Birds” and kicking things off in a wonderful manner. And to celebrate, we want to share some photos from that Walk with you.

Pt Richmond Care Walk 1 Pt Richmond Care Walk 2Pt Richmond Care Walk 4Pt Richmond Care Walk 3

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