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Thalassemia Care Walk Location Directory

Thalassemia Care Walk 2023 Locations

Care Walk is the Cooley’s Anemia Foundation’s annual fundraising event and opportunity to bring together the thalassemia community and its supporters around the country. Funds raised support medical research to fight thalassemia, a genetic blood disorder, as well as patient support services for thalassemia patients across the country. Your Walk, Your Way! Care Walk is set up […]

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Meet Brianna: High School Senior and Care Walk Captain

March 20, 2017- Throughout this Care Walk season, we are highlighting stories of some of the amazing people whose efforts make this event a success for the Cooley’s Anemia Foundation and all the patients we serve. With so many Care Walks taking place on the same day, we hope that these stories will invite us […]

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2013 Care Walk Locations

Care Walk is set up to provide maximum flexibility for those who want to Walk. You can decide to do a personalCare Walk with just you and few friends or family members, or you can organize a larger Walk that’s open to the public. Below are some of the larger Walks that are being organized for this […]

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Making an Impact: Why I Care Walk

April 11, 2013 – “I would like to encourage everyone to participate in the Care Walk in even the smallest fashion because you may not know the impact you could be making for future generations.” So says Chi Pham, who along with Faye Lam and several other DC area supporters is organizing this year’s “Team […]

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