CAF Launching New Advocacy Forum for Thalassemia Community

July 17, 2013 – What happens in Washington DC and in state government can have a profound effect on people living with thalassemia. Making your needs and opinions known is not just part of the democratic process; it can influence decisions that have an impact on you and others in the thalassemia community. Now CAF is launching a new program to help you learn how to be an effective advocate.

Thalassemia patients speaking to a Congressional committee

Thalassemia patients speaking to a Congressional committee

The Cooley’s Anemia Advocacy Forum (CAAF) is an ambitious new initiative that will enable patients, families and friends of the Foundation to make their voices heard in Washington, DC and in state capitals throughout the country. When you participate in CAAF, you will meet new people and have fun making a difference!

Health care in America is changing every day and the thalassemia community cannot let anyone else speak for us. Influencing policy is important and we really need you to join us in our efforts!

When you become part of CAAF, you will:

  • Learn how policy is established and how it affects you;
  • Receive special briefings that teach you what needs to be done…and when;
  • Get frequent updates on policy issues that matter to you and your health;
  • Be trained to educate and advocate with policymakers and lawmakers;
  • Join webinars and conference calls with your fellow advocates;
  • Make new friends, build new networks, and improve your community.

Stand up for yourself and all those with thalassemia! You will be happy you did.

CongressWant to become part of CAAF? Download, fill out and return this document and we’ll contact you with more information. Return to Cooley’s Anemia Foundation, 330 Seventh Avenue #200, New York, NY 10001 or fax to (212) 279-5999.

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