Interview with Laurice Levine, New TAG President

August 10, 2010 – CAF speaks with Laurice Levine, new TAG (Thalassemia Action Group) President. TAG is the patient support group that promotes a positive attitude toward life, stresses the importance of compliance and chelation therapy and provides patients with a channel of communication and information.

Laurice Levine

CAF: How do you feel about being elected the new TAG President?

About Laurice

Laurice Levine (some may know her by her maiden name Laurice Compagno) is a 38 year old patient with thalassemia major. She receives blood transfusions every 2 weeks and does Desferal approximately 12-24 hrs a day.

Laurice lives in Kingston, Washington with her husband Matt, their Corgi Jozz, and their parakeets Moose and Thor. She works at Children’s Hospital Oakland (CHO) as the Thalassemia Outreach Coordinator where she has been working off and on for 11 years. Since she lives in Washington, most of her work is done remotely, but she travels to CHO 1-2 times a month for special events.

“I love to travel, especially to Disneyland; go to concerts, especially the Rolling Stones; read; exercise; and play with my family,” she says.

Laurice: I feel honored. There are some large shoes to fill

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