Hope is at the Heart of Giving Tuesday

We see a microscope. Dr. Rivella sees Hope.

Stefano Rivella (C)

Stefano Rivella (C)

When Stefano Rivella looks through a microscope or examines a blood sample, he’s not just looking at what’s in front of his eyes. He’s seeing how he can take what he’s looking at and use it to find out more about gene therapy for thalassemia or how to lower iron overload.

He makes a connection between his science and the people it’s going to help. That’s part of what makes him special. Yes, he’s won a prestigious award for Innovative Medical Research in thalassemia. But he never forgets why he’s spending so much time in his world class laboratory.

GTHope“I’m constantly inspired by the people with thalassemia that I meet,” he says with a warm smile. “They face many challenges and have to have real strength. I want to do whatever I can with my work to make things better for them.”

The Cooley’s Anemia Foundation recognized Stefano’s talent back when he was first starting out, awarding him a Medical Research Fellowship. And now junior scientists under his mentorship have continued to received Fellowships from the Foundation.

This Giving Tuesday, you can help bring Hope to those with thalassemia. Your generosity, at whatever level, makes a big difference.

On behalf of Wanda and thalassemia patients across the country, thank you! Our work would not be possible without you.

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