Care Walk Spotlight: Team CAF California

The countdown to our 12th Annual Care Walk on Sept. 18 continues with a profile on Team CAF California! This San Diego-based crew is headed by six-time Care Walk vet Maria Saradpon.

Team CAF California gathered to raise awareness about World Thalassemia Day.

Maria’s 3 Secrets to Fundraising Success
1) Maximize Care Walk Advertising and Outreach Efforts

“We put in a lot of work with advertising and outreach, print fliers and posters for the hospital, local restaurants and cafes, community boards, and our churches. We put out press releases and if we’re lucky enough, promote on local radio or news stations.”

2) Don’t Be Afraid to Hear “No…”

“We send sponsor letters to small businesses and corporations asking for sponsorship. We’re not afraid to hear “no;” you definitely won’t hear “yes” unless you put yourself out there and ask!”

3) or Ask for Help

“Join the CAF Captains Facebook group and don’t be afraid to ask for help! Other captains are more than willing to share resources and ideas. We should all be working together for CAF! I’d also recommend connecting with your local blood bank. The San Diego Blood Bank has always helped us with fliers and getting the word out. Our Care Walk blood drives are always really successful! People want to donate blood but it’s hard to find the time. When they’re already planning on supporting the walk, they appreciate the chance to kill two birds with one stone.”

We thank Team CAF California for its hard work and dedication!

Feeling Inspired to Join a Team or Create One?

September 18th will be here before you know it – sign up for Care Walk now!

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