Pictures from the CAF Queens Chapter Good Friday Dinner Dance

April 13, 2012 – The annual Good Friday Dinner Dance by the Queens chapter of CAF is one wonderful party. Below we share some pictures from this year’s festivities.

(Above) Local 831 President Harry Nespoli (bottom left) & other members of Local 831

Above) Thomas Albano (Queens West Commissioner, Dept. of Sanitation, far left), Steven Cimino (2nd from left), Steven Zokolowski (Queens East Commissioner, Dept. of Sanitation, 2nd from right)

Mike DenDekker, guest, Billy Jelly

John C. Liu , John Mancino

John C. Liu , John Mancino

John C. Liu

Mike DenDekker, John C. Liu, John Mancino

Ronny Cohen, John Mancino,Mike DenDekker, John C. Liu

Mike DenDekker, John Mancino, John C. Liu

John Mancino, Mr. & Mrs. Steven Cimino, Ronny Cohen, Paul Tucci

Goumba Johnny, Ronny Cohan

Karen and Pio Bonfitto

Commissioner Rocky DiRico (center) and guests

Rich Mancino, Marty Shannon (Retired VP, Local 1101), John Mancino

Humanitarian award winner Steven Cimino (left) and fellow workers from Queens West

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