Milana Family Foundation Golf Outing for CAF Was a Huge Success

September 14, 2016 – The Golf Outing and Poker Tournament held by the Milana Family Foundation on September 12 was a tremendous success. The event raised funds for two charities, CAF and Stop Abuse. The amount raised that is coming to CAF is an amazing $75,000.

“I was honored to attend the outing and tournament and experienced one of the highest (if not the highest) levels of enjoyment that I have ever had at such an event,” remarked Anthony Viola, CAF National President. “The amount of money raised is incredible, but it does not even do justice to the amount of effort and love that was put into this special event.

“There is no expression of appreciation that I can give the Milana family that can describe how I feel about them (in general) and about the very generous supporters that enjoyed this event on Monday.”

“After months of tireless work, we are so thrilled that our first event was as big of a success as it was,” said Tom Milana. “The idea of putting together an event like this has been something that has been in the back out our minds for a while. Right from the beginning to the day of the event, putting together an event like this was something extremely nerve-wracking, but the success of the event blew us all away. The fact that we were able to write a $75,000 check to EACH organization is something we are so unbelievably proud of.”

“It is very inspiring to see how dedicated people are to this fight against thalassemia,” Mr. Milana continued. “That made our desire for a successful event even greater. Although my family is not directly affected by thalassemia, we are very fortunate and feel absolutely honored to have worked with the Cooley’s Anemia Foundation.”

The Golf Outing and Poker Tournament was held at the gorgeous Mill River Club in Oyster Bay, NY

CAF again thanks the Milana Family Foundation and each member of the Milana family for their amazing support of the Foundation and the thalassemia community.


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