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Welcome to the Cooley’s Anemia Foundation website!  The Cooley’s Anemia Foundation  exists to help individuals with thalassemia meet the challenges that are associated with living with this blood disorder.  (You can read about our mission and purpose by clicking here.)

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New Story Added to CDC Thalassemia Flickr Album

August 27, 2014 – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  (CDC)’s social media platform on Flickr has added a new photo and story to its “Personal Stories of People Living with Thalassemia.” The new photo and story, which focuses on Jasvinder Singh, can be viewed by clicking here.  The entire album can be accessed [...]

CAF’s $300,00 Medical Research Funding Moves Field Forward

August 25, 2014 – New explorations in gene editing. Connections between thyroid hormones and hemoglobin. Efficiency and safety in gene therapy. Using a protein to control iron. These are the ideas behind the four exciting new studies being funded by the Cooley’s Anemia Foundation this year. These new fellowships join four renewed fellowships and a [...]

TIF Holds “Living with Thalassemia” Video Challenge

August 25, 2014 – The Thalassaemia International Federation (TIF) is holding a special “Living with Thalassemia Video Challenge,” asking members of the thalassemia community to share videos about their experiences dealing with thalassemia. Participants are asked to upload a 2-5 minute video about experiences that made them feel good, hopeful or inspired.  “By sharing stories,” [...]

Presentations from 2014 CAF Patient~Family Conference

August 20, 2014 – Below are links to the slides that were used in many of the presentations from this summer’s Patient~Family Conference. Please click through to view the slides. Presentations are listed alphabetically. The CHOP-HUP Transition Program - The Philadelphia Experience Fertility in Thalassemia Gene Therapy and Other Curative Approaches Genome Editing for Thalassemia The [...]

TIF Schedules 4th Pan-European Conference

July 30, 2014 – TIF (Thalassaemia International Federation) has scheduled its 4th Pan-European Conference on Haemoglobinopathies and Rare Anaemias for November 7-9 in Athens, Greece. The Conference is held in collaboration with the Greek Thalassaemia Federation. Writing about the event on the Conference’s website (www.tif2014.org), TIF President Panos Englezos and Greek Thalassaemia Federation President Dr. [...]

Teens Lend Their Helping Hands to Fight Thalassemia

July 29, 2014 – Two amazing teen-age girls who until recently had never heard of Cooley’s anemia are now among our greatest allies in the fight against thalassemia. Amanda Rodriguez, 15, and Nairobi Mendez, 18, are friends who were living in Lodi, NJ. This spring, one of Amanda’s friends re-tweeted a post from Lisa Vigliotti [...]

Hepatitis C in Thalassemia: Q&A with Dr. Richard Ward

July 28, 2014 – The outlook for individuals living with thalassemia is better than it ever has been thanks to more choices for effective chelation. However, this brings with it medical concerns that patients previously did not face. One example of this is hepatitis C infection and the risks associated with it: liver cirrhosis (scarring) [...]

Cooley’s Anemia Foundation Announces Scholarship for Thalassemia Patients Pursuing Doctoral Studies

July 23. 2014 – The Cooley’s Anemia Foundation announced today a new scholarship program for U.S. individuals with a clinically significant form of thalassemia who have chosen to pursue postgraduate doctoral level studies in medicine or science. The “CAF-ApoPharma Distinguished Scholar Award” is made possible through a grant from pharmaceutical manufacturer ApoPharma, which is providing [...]

Bone Health Issues: Q&A with Dr. Richard Ward

May 6, 2014 - Your thalassemia nurse or physician is always reminding you how important it is to take the prescribed iron chelation medication every day, but there are other aspects of your health and wellbeing that are equally important to take care of if you or a loved one has thalassemia. This Q&A session with [...]

Why I Care Walk: Melissa Mannara

April 29, 2014 – Melissa Mannara is one of the captains of Team Jovi, which is organizing a wonderful Care Walk in Rochester on May 4.  (You can support it and learn more about it by clicking here!)  CAF spoke with Melissa about why she is putting so much effort into a Care Walk this [...]