Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials of Thalassemia Which Are Currently Recruiting U.S. Patients
(Last Updated: Sept. 20, 2016)

The Cooley’s Anemia Foundation provides  links to clinical trials for informational purposes only. The Foundation is not endorsing any one trial over others.

ClinicalTrialHeader2The clinical studies listed here are currently enrolling new thalassemia patients in the United States. The links below provide information from the website about the requirements for participating in these studies (“Eligibility”). They also provide information about where the trials are taking place (“Locations”). If you have questions about any of the trials listed below, please contact the CAF Patient Outreach Director, Sandy Gilbert, at 212-279-8090 (extension 207) for more information. You are also encouraged to speak to your doctor about any clinical trials which might be of interest to you.

ClinicalTrialHeader3The Cooley’s Anemia Foundation (CAF) provides these links for informational purposes only, and is not endorsing any one trial over the others. Please note that there are additional studies taking place in other countries which are not listed here. For example, Acceleron is currently conducting a study of luspatercept – which increases the production of mature red blood cells – in Europe. CAF will keep you updated on any important findings which emerge from these studies, and will let you know if any similar trials open up in the U.S.

I.   Clinical Trials of Gene Therapy in Beta-Thalassemia Major

II.  Clinical Trials of Luspatercept

III.    Clinical Trials of Iron Chelation Therapy

IV.   Clinical Trials of Bone Marrow, Stem Cell or Cord Blood Transplantation

Please note that, while clinical trials are available to assess experimental approaches to transplantation, bone marrow transplantation is an approved procedure that is already widely available. If you are considering the possibility of a curative bone marrow transplant and you would like more information about this procedure, we recommend that you speak to one of the following experts:

  • Dr. Alexis Thompson: 312-227-4816
  • Dr. Mark Walters: 510-428-3374

V.   Clinical Studies of New Methods to Monitor Iron Levels

 VI.  Observational Studies of Patients with Thalassemia

 VII.    Preclinical (Early-Stage) Research Studies in Thalassemia