Why I Care Walk: To Teach

May 1, 2013 – Alfred Torres has organized a Care Walk in Hawaii the last two years because his son has thalassemia, but it has ended up as a learning experience for some of the students that Al teaches.

HawaiiWalk“I decided to get the Catholic school I teach at to get involved in this event since it would be a service for others,” says Al. “Our campus ministry decided to give volunteer service credit for students that participated. I also got word out to the community via local newspaper to expand participation and donations. We used our school track and provided music for the event. The first year, I also had a hematologist speak to our students to educate them about thalassemia. It has been a good experience for all involved.

“I sell it to our students as a way to do something good to help others and get physical activity to benefit their own personal health.”

Care Walks not only empower participants, they can educate them as well. Introducing others to the challenges of thalassemia helps to spread understanding and awareness.

Al’s Care Walk will be at the St. Louis School race track in Honolulu. If you wish to join or would like further details, contact Al at atwre@yahoo.com.




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