WCBS News Segment to Focus on Thalassemia

April 14, 2010 – New York City area viewers can watch an interview with members of the thalassemia community on Friday, April 16, during a special segment on the 5:00 news on WCBS-TV (channel 2).


Dr. Holly Phillips

WCBS medical reporter Dr. Holly Phillips spoke about newborn genetic testing with James Stamateris, who has thalassemia; his mother, Amy Celento; and Dr. Patricia J. Giardina, Chief of the Division of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology and Director of the Thalassemia Program at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital and Professor of Clinical Practices at Weill Cornell Medical College. The segment focuses on thalassemia as an example of a genetic disorder that could have been identified after birth.

“We were happy to meet with Dr. Phillips to share our experiences,” says Amy, who is Vice President of CAF. “I hope James and I provided information that is useful to many prospective and new parents and raised awareness of thalassemia and the fact that over 2,000,000 Americans are likely thalassemia trait carriers.”

James Amy Keith
(l to r) Keith Sprauer, James Stamateris, Amy Celento
Dr. Patricia J. Giardina

Click here to see the interview on the WCBS website.



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