Video: Blood Clots in Thalassemia Intermedia

May 16, 2013 – Quick quiz:

This year’s CAF Patient~Family Conference is taking place:

A. In Philadelphia, PA.
B. June 28- 30.
C. In conjunction with CAF’s annual Board Meeting.
D. All of the above.

Okay, that was an easy one; it’s D, all of the above, of course. Anyway, in anticipation of this year’s Conference, we wanted to share this short one-minute clip from Dr. Richard Ward’s presentation on “Management of the Non-Transfused Patient” from last year’s Conference.

This clip deals with blood clots in thalassemia intermedia.

You can access Dr. Ward’s complete talk on “Management of the Non-Transfused Patient” by clicking here.

There’s going to be lots of great information available at this year’s Conference. You should be there to see for yourself. Click the box below to download more information.


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