Tips to Enhance Your Life

March 3, 2009 – CAF Social Worker Kathleen Durst shares some “Helpful Tips to Live By.”

The way we think plays a big role in how we live and can really affect how a person deals with the challenges of thalassemia. Thinking in a generally positive way can often help; thinking in a generally negative way can often make matters worse.

It’s normal for negative thoughts to get in the way of treating thalassemia. Some signs of negative thinking include:

• Relating everything to yourself, including continually comparing yourself to others. (Examples: “Why doesn’t he/she do it my way?” or “I wish I looked like him/her.”)
Thinking everything must be fair or equal. (Example: “It’s easier for him/her to get good grades because he/she doesn’t spend so much time at the clinic.”)
Believing everything you feel must be true. (Example: “I will never feel better.”)
• Assuming your happiness depends on the actions of others and that if they would change, things would improve. (Example: “Weekends are so boring because he has to watch those football games.”)

What can you do to get back on track?
• Write down negative thoughts when they enter your mind. (“I can’t do anything right.”) Ask friends or family to help by pointing out negative thoughts when you make them.

Analyze these thoughts to see if they are true. (“Can I really not do anything right?”) Look for actual evidence.

Look at what you get out of saying this negative thought to yourself. How does it help? (“Sometimes it makes people pay attention to me.”) How does it hurt? (“It makes me afraid to try new things.”)

Develop positive statements that contradict the negative messages. (“Actually, I’m very good at….”)

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