Thalassemia Patient Reflects on Milestone 60th Birthday

March 31, 2011 – Carl Vitaliti, a thalassemia patient and TAG Board member, recently celebrated his 60th birthday, a milestone for a person with thalassemia. He shares some of his thoughts in an interview in the current TAG Newsletter.


Carl & Family
Carl and his family

Carl responded to numerous questions forwarded to him by TAG Board members, CAF staff and others in an enthralling interview.

“What started out as a simple question and answer piece for the TAG Newsletter on my turning 60 evolved into an extended exploration of my life and self,” Carl writes in the introduction. “Many of the questions gave me pause to think and reflect on my life events. I did not expect certain questions. As I reread many of the questions and answers, I began to see in myself many things that are not as evident as I once thought. I suggest all thalassemia patients ask themselves these same questions and write down the answers. See what roads your exploration takes you on. As you later read your responses, you may see a different person when you look in the mirror.”

The newsletter includes an excerpt from the interview. The complete and full interview can be read in a downloaded Word document by clicking here.

CAF thanks Carl for sharing his thoughts with the entire thalassemia community and celebrates his 60 years.

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