Gene Therapy and Other Advances Happen Because of You

Tony Viola

Anthony J. Viola

February 25, 2013 – The fact that the first U.S.-based gene therapy trial for thalassemia has started (click here for details) is fantastic. Some might think it’s unbelievable we’ve progressed to this point.

Actually, it’s fantastic but not unbelievable. We have reached this point because many members of the thalassemia community have dedicated years of hard work to bring us here. Most obviously, that includes the many doctors and scientists who have paved the way here.

It also includes CAF. We have helped to support that work, both on a financial level through our medical research programs and on an advocacy level by our tireless efforts to promote this work, to introduce key players to one another, to encourage the sharing and spread of information and to push, push, PUSH the importance of this work to all who would listen – especially if they are in a position to help move the work forward.

CAF is not the major funder of this important trial, although we have certainly given funding to it; but there are few who can match CAF in its enthusiastic support of gene therapy and other potentially curative approaches to thalassemia.

We are able to do this for one reason only: because people like you have donated to CAF and kept it strong enough to do heavy, difficult, day-to-day work on behalf of the thalassemia community.

Thank you for the support you have given us. And thank you even more for the support you will continue to give us. With that continued support, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish.

Anthony J. Viola, CAF National President

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