THALAMOSS Meeting to be Held January 14

January 8, 2013 – The 1st Scientific Meeting of THALAMOSS will be held on January 14, 2013 at Ferrara University in Italy. The theme of the meeting is “From basic research to novel applications on the road of personalzied treatment of thalassemia.”

THALAMOSS stands for THALAssaemia MOdular Stratification System for personalized therapy of beta-thalassemia.

According to information released from the Meeting organizers, “The specific aims of the THALAMOSS project will be achieved by the development of novel methods for associating variation in genomic data with phenotypic variation. THALAMOSS will combine cutting-edge computing technology with optimised algorithms to mine the unique datasets provided through the proposed project for bioligically and medically relevant patterns that can be reliably associated with specific patient groups, treatment response and disease progression.”

In other words, THALAMOSS aims to look at how people with thalassemia are alike and different from each other, and to explore how therapies can be tailored for patients based on their needs.

CAF National Executive Director Gina Cioffi says that “We are impressed that THALAMOSS will analyse responsiveness and at the same time will identify the best therapeutic approaches for each particular patient. This intervention is an important and innovative advancement in cellular therapy of beta thalassemia.”

More information about the meeting can be downloaded here.

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