Suffolk Chapter Holds "Friend Raisers"

January 19, 2010 – The Suffolk chapter of CAF has two “friend raising” activities coming up soon: a Lunch/Indoor Putting Contest and a Super Bowl Sunday.

“It is very important that during the doldrums of the winter we keep our supporters together,” explains Tony Laurino, Suffolk chapter fundraiser, “so that when the larger fundraisers come up they continue to support Cooley’s anemia.”

Helping CAF Is Easy – And Greatly Needed

The current economic climate has presented enormous challenges to non-profit organizations, and CAF is no exception. If we are to maintain our important medical research grants, patient services and advocacy efforts, we need your help.

There are many ways that you can help CAF, from setting up a personal fund raising page to enlisting your friends and relatives to help to planning a fund raising event.

Contact Alyssa Youngerman, CAF National Fundraiser, ata.youngerman@cooleysanemia.orgor (212) 279-8090 to find out more about how you can help.

We can beat thalassemia – but only if you help.

For this reason the Suffolk chapter holds two events that are not primarily fundraisers but friend raisers. The first is the Lunch and Indoor Putting Contest, held either on the last Monday in January or the first Monday in February. For this event, a friend closes his restaurant (Butterfields’, in Hauppauge) for the afternoon for lunch and the putting contest. Two person teams sign up and receive three balls each, which they try to putt into a cup which is 40 feet away. A process of elimination narrows the field to three two person teams. Those teams each receive a small monetary prize. During the course of the day, lunch and beverages are served.

Super Bowl Sunday is another opportunity for Cooley’s anemia to provide a fun filled evening. La Strada, another restaurant in Hauppauge, provides food and beverages from 5:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. The chapter sells tickets to the event and raffles off a flat screen TV. Also available are $10 & $20 “boxes” (numbered squares associated with the teams playing the game) , from which the chapter receives 25% of the proceeds.

Both of these events are designed to keep the chapter’s benefactors focused on Cooley’s anemia and our bowl-a-thon, wine tasting, dinner dance, golf outing and Beef-O-Rama, which are major fundraisers.

For more information, contact the Suffolk chapter at 631-863-0532 or

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