Setting Up a Care Walk Team

Setting up a Care Walk Team is easy! And Care Walk Teams make a big contribution both to the financial success of Care Walk and to its ability to raise awareness of thalassemia.

Here are some basic steps to help you set up your Team:

Register11. When you register, you will be given the option to set up a Team. Click the Team option and follow the instructions.

2. Create a name for your Team. This may relate to the location of your Walk, but it does not have to. Some people choose to name their team after an individual or with a name that means something special to them.

DC3. Set up your Team page. Tell people what they need to know: Why this Team exists, what Care Walk is, why your Care Walk is important, etc. Include details on how other people can join your Team, contact information, time and location of your Care Walk, etc. If you have picture, include it on your page!

4. Let people know they can help. Send emails to supporters letting them know you are Care Walking – and why you are Care Walking.

5. Reach out to family, friends, colleagues, co-workers, neighbors, etc. Decide which people you want to try to recruit as Team members and which you want to contact as potential donors.

6. Think of ways to grow your Team. Set a goal to recruit X number of people, and ask them in turn to set a goal to recruit a certain number of people, who will also be asked to recuit a set number of people. This not only can grow your Team but can help expand it outside your own circle of friends and family members.

7. Recognize the efforts of your team members. If you can, regularly send out a short email to all the Team members that highlights accomplishments: the Team member that has raised the most money that week or a member who came up with a very clever approach to supporters or just a few sentences about why someone has decided to become part of the Team.

ErinFam8. Think of ways that you can incentivize your Team members. This doesn’t have to be costly: perhaps you (or another Team member) agrees to make a special lunch for the Top 3 fund raisers. Maybe a local movie theatre will give you free passes to be awarded to the top fundraiser.

9. If possible, try to hold a “kick-off” event for your Team. Bring them together for dinner (pot luck, if you prefer) to explain why they are all participating in Care Walk and what their participation means. You can also go over all the details and see if anyone has any questions, feedback or ideas. You can inspire your Team and help them to do even better.

10. If you have questions: contact us at We want to help your Team succeed!


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