Support for Ongoing Clinical Research in Thalassemia

The Cooley’s Anemia Foundation invites national and international applicants to apply for grants to support ongoing clinical research projects in thalassemia. The goal of this initiative is to support investigators from all disciplines and backgrounds (MD, RN, PhD, MPH, MSW or other disciplines) with their ongoing clinical projects to address one or more of the following areas impacting patients with thalassemia, including but not limited to: cardiac issues and iron overload; fertility, pregnancy and family planning; quality of life, psychosocial impact and/or burden of disease.

The stipends will be $40,000 annually with possibility of one-year renewal upon submission of a renewal application. Approval will be based upon determination of satisfactory progress and availability of funds. Funds may be used for either salary or non-salary purposes, but the administrative cost is limited to 10% of the total amount granted. This level of funding would be appropriate for support of innovative small-scale pilot studies, observational trials, or ancillary support for ongoing interventional studies (for example, support of a trainee joining an existing trial, or new biological endpoint analyses for an existing trial). In the case of ancillary studies, investigators should clearly document the support for the parent trial in their “other support” declarations. Junior and senior faculty are eligible; fellows and trainees are not eligible. Investigators must interact directly with patients or patient-related data. Basic research, when included in this “Ongoing Clinical Research” program, must be related to a direct clinical focus of the grant application. Assurance must be given that adequate facilities exist and will continue to be available to conduct the research project and that the project has been reviewed and approved by the appropriate committee or governing body on human research. The research may not be conducted at a for-profit laboratory. Interested individuals are invited to submit a brief letter of intent by January 18, 2013. This note should include the name of primary applicant, affiliation, and focus of proposal (not to exceed one paragraph). The completed application is due February 4, 2013. Both the letter of intent and the application should be emailed in PDF format to:

Application forms and instructions for this grant can be downloaded by clicking here.

Grant awards will be announced in June, 2013.



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