Pictures from Staten Island Chapter 2010 Fashion Show

November 24, 2010 – The Staten Island chapter’s 27th annual fashion show, entitled “A Crisp Fall Luncheon,” was a wonderful event. More than 230 people came to the Hilton Garden Inn in Staten Island on October 27 to partake of a delicious lunch and view some stunning fashions.

Terri DiFilippo, Cammie Brandofino, Michelina Salzarulo, Giovanna Salzarulo Miller, Teresa Salzarulo Conforte, Jenny Tramutola, Andrea Salzarulo Sears
Tony Podium
CAF National President Anthony J. Viola at podium
The DiSalvo table
Cammie BAskets
Jenny Tramutola and Cammie Brandofino
Tony Terri
Anthony Viola, Terri DiFilippo

The event was organized by Andrea Salzarulo Sears, Jenny Tramutola and Teresa Salzarulo Conforte. The chapter was fortunate to have ANJ Produce, Lioni Latticini, American Maritime Service of New York and American Maritime Service of New Jersey as sponsors of the Luncheon and was thrilled that Carla’s Bathing Suit Boutique and L’Furs provided the beautiful clothes that made the audience gasp and applaud in delight. The program also included inspirational words from Anthony J. Viola, CAF’s National President.

All in all, “A Crisp Fall Luncheon” was an exciting and festive way to welcome the coming of autumn and the chapter thanks all who attended or assisted with the event in any way.

Selection of Fashions Modeled at “A Crisp Fall Luncheon”
Black Dress
Copper Halter
Danielle Brandofino Weisenstein
Green Suit
Lynda Saulle
Swimsuit and coat
Juliana DiSalvo

To view more pictures and fashions from the show, click here.

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