Pfizer Injectables has Product Available for U.S. Patients Experiencing Shortage of Generic Desferal

March 9, 2018 – For US patients who are experiencing a shortage of generic Desferal (deferoxamine mesylate), we have been informed that Pfizer Injectables has short dated product that can be purchased. This product is can be ordered by direct order by home health care companies, hospitals and doctors with an account with Pfizer Injectables, using Pfizer Injectables’ Customer Care. Dating is very short with expiration dates of May 1st and June 1st, depending on the lot. Pfizer estimates approximately 3 months of supply based on our typical demand. The order number is 0409-2337-25 (Deferoxamine Mesylate for Inj 2g/25mL Flip Top Vial)

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