People Magazine Features Story on Boy with Thalassemia

December 4, 2009 – The current issue of People Magazine, cover dated December 14, 2009, features an article on a young boy with thalassemia.

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Entitled “Khai’s Time to Heal in America,” the 5-page story details the journey of Khairullah Hayat, a 9-year-old boy from Afghanistan who was born with beta-thalassemia major. Khai, as he is called for short, came to America as part of a program that brings patients from other countries to the U.S. for medical treatment.


Heather Aryis, who with her husband Aaron and their two sons took Khai into their home, says in the article that a “series of miracles” enabled them to secure the treatment that Khai needs. CAF congratulates our Patient Services Manager, Eileen Scott, on the role she played in making this happen.

Eileen has given the Aryis family information and guidance about thalassemia and the care that is needed. She also obtained an infusion pump so that Khai would be able to chelate and put the family in touch with Novartis to learn about the options available to them for chelating and about programs to assist patients obtain chelation therapy. She will also continue to stay in touch with them and be ready to answer their questions, as she does with all who come to CAF Patient Services looking for assistance.

CAF is pleased that People Magazine has devoted such considerable space to an individual with thalassemia and that a significant number of people will learn more about this condition and the challenges associated with it.

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