OSIA Pledges $150,000 to CAF Medical Research

August 17, 2011 – CAF sends a special “thank you” to the brothers and sisters of OSIA (Order Sons of Italy in America), our long-time allies in the fight against thalassemia, who recently pledged an amazing $150,000 to CAF for medical research.


The pledge took place during the 2011 OSIA Biennial National Convention, held August 7-13, 2011 in Orlando, FL. CAF National President Anthony V. Viola and CAF Vice President Amy Celento were on hand to accept the pledge and to offer our thanks and gratitude to OSIA for their unwavering support over several decades. Amy’s son, James, who has thalassemia, was also present.

For many years, OSIA has championed CAF, listing the Foundation as one of its official charities. OSIA also has a Cooley’s Anemia Chairperson, currently Sylvia Summa, who is a special liaison between CAF and the OSIA community, and individual lodges regularly host special fund raising drives to battle thalassemia.

“No one is a better friend to the thalassemia community than OSIA,” says Gina Cioffi, CAF’s National Executive Director. “The generosity and dedication of its membership is simply astounding and is responsible for CAF succeeding in advancing the care for patients over the years and helping us move clsoer to a cure. But even beyond the much-needed financial support, it is the spirit and heart and generosity of its incredibly caring brothers and sisters that touches me so deeply and makes me proud to be a part of the Italian-American community.”

OSIA contributes to CAF every other year, through its philanthropic arm, the Sons of Italy Foundation.



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