NY Blood Center: How to Support Your College Education Through a Blood Drive

June 30, 2011 – The New York Blood Center announces a way for high school or college age individuals to help fund their college eductaion while helping to maintain the blood supply.


Students can work with the New York Blood Center (NYBC) to organize a community blood drive. Simply invite friends, family, teachers, co-workers and religious leaders to the blood drive. Collect 30 or more pints and NYBC will award a scholarship to a college on behalf of the student.

Blood Facts

–4.5 million Americans benefit from life-saving blood transfusions each year.

–40,000 pints are transfused each day in the United States.

–New York Blood Center alone requires over 2,000 volunteer blood donations each day to meet the transfusion needs of patients in close to 200 New York and New Jersey hospitals.

–Nearly everyone between the ages of 17 (16 with parents’ written permission or consent) and 75 (people age 76 and older can donate if they meet all donor eligibility requirements and they present a doctor’s written permission note), weighing a minimum of 110 pounds and in good health can donate blood. Donors over age 75 who are healthy and meet all other donor requirements simply require a doctor’s written permission note to donate.

A student whose drive collects 30-49 pints of blood will receive a $250 scholarship; those who collect 50 pints or more will receive a $500 scholarship.

To participate, students must host their blood drive this summer. The drive would be held in the area covered by NYBC (all of New York state, most of New Jersey; contact NYBS for details.)

For more information or to participate, please e-mail your name, the student’s name, age, address, home and cell phone number, high school or college name and town where you’d like to hold the blood drive and the best time to reach you to acefarelli@nybloodcenter.org or call 914-784-4639.

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