Novartis Offers ScriptAssist Program for Exjade

March 10, 2009 – CAF would like to make patients aware of a new program offered by Novartis that may reduce your Exjade prescription copayments. This program –The Exjade ScriptAssist Program – provides an opportunity for patients to save up to $900 on their Exjade prescription copayments.


The Exjade ScriptAssist Program will run through May 31, 2010.

· To be eligible you must be on Exjade.

· The ScriptAssist program will reduce your copayment by an amount up to $100.

· The program benefit will be provided up to 9 times per patient.

· This program is in addition to co-pay assistance you may already be receiving from the HealthWell Foundation.

There are restrictions. ScriptAssist is not available to you if your prescriptions are fully paid for by private insurance or by federal or state healthcare programs, including but not limited to Medicaid/Medicare. In addition, ScriptAssist is not available to Massachusetts residents.

If you are currently on Exjade, contact your specialty pharmacy to determine your eligibility for enrollment in this program or to learn more, contact EPASS at 1-888-90EPASS (1-888-903-7277).

Please contact Eileen Scott (800-522-7222 ext. 205 or if you have any questions.


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