New thalTracker App Available

February 12, 2015 – The thalassemia community has a new app to assist them with the management of their disorder: thalTracker, developed at the University Health Network. This app is available for free download at through the Apple App Store. The purpose of the App is to support the user in tracking levels of their iron overload and associated complications, identify trends, improve adherence to treatment, and facilitate communication of information to their healthcare provider during regular clinic visits. thalTracker reminds users to take their medication on time and of appointment dates, and encourages positive behaviors with respect to disease self-management. The user will record data into the App, such as values from blood tests and imaging results, including ferritin, cardiac and liver MRI iron results. An adherence function lets you set a chelation goal and then tracks how well you have achieved your target. This will assist the user in becoming more adherent with chelation medication over time. Congratulations and thank you to Dr. Richard Ward and all who worked on the creation of this new tool for thalassemia management. ThalTracker

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