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November 5, 2010 – The most recent issues of CAF’s Helpful Tips to Live By newsletter are now available for download.

These 3 issues each deal with relaxation and stress. “The normal demands of modern life can create very difficult situations,” says CAF Social Worker Kathleen Durst, MA, LMSW, in the introduction to the first newsletter. “If you also have to deal with the many challenges associated with thalassemia, you might very well find yourself feeling even more tense and uncomfortable.” Tips for dealing with stress and helping relax are included in these 3 issues of Helpful Tips.

Click on the links below to download.

Relaxation & Stress, Part 1

Relaxation & Stress, Part 2

Relaxation & Stress, Part 3

Ever feel a little overwhelmed?

CAF’s Social Worker, Kathleen Durst, can offer advice on Life Enhancement Coaching to help thalassemia patients and family members achieve new goals or change old habits.

Contact Kathleen at or (800) 522-7222.



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