Interview: Vip Viprakasit on NTDT


Dr. Vip Viprakasit presented at the 10th Cooley’s Anemia Symposium on “When to Transfuse in Patients with Non-transfusion-dependent Thalassemia.” CAF spoke with him at the Symposium about this topic; his interview can be viewed above.

The range of topics presented over the course of the Symposium was impressive and indicates just how active and vital the thalassemia field has been since the last Symposium in 2009. The presentations ran from gene therapy and gene regulation to clinical management, from chelation and iron imaging to iron regulation and emerging therapies. Indeed, there was so much important information to convey that some sessions were presented concurrently in separate rooms in order to fit everything in to the allotted time. (The full agenda can be accessed at


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