Got a Story? Tell Us!

April 13, 2010 – You have a story. Don’t keep it to yourself!

Nothing makes us happier than hearing stories from the CAF community – unless it’s getting the opportunity to share those stories.

So many of you have stories to tell us. Stories about how you meet the challenges of thalassemia or about having just reached a milestone in your life or about getting a great new job. Why not let other people know about these things?

Here are links to a few stories that others have shared with CAF:

Patient Profile: Susan Winner and Her Art

Patient Learns & Earns

Magazine Story on Thalassemia Patient

Patient Voice: Participating in a Clinical Trial

Sibling Organizes Blood Drive

Patient Receives Award from Blood Services

Golf Outing is Husband’s Way of Helping Fight Thalassemia




You may think your story isn’t really “important,” but that may not be true. One of the comments that CAF gets frequently is how important it is for people affected by thalassemia, whether patients, family members or friends, to hear about how well patients are doing and how they are leading productive lives. More than one parent of a newly diagnosed baby has told us that hearing about the real, actual lives of patients has given them a better picture of what thalassemia means and allowed them to breathe easier.

If you have something you want to share with us, contact CAF’s National Communications Director, Craig Butler ( or 212-279-8090 x 204). He’s always hungry for story ideas – and a glutton for pictures, too!

Gracie Scollo received an award for her work with blood drives. Click here to read about it.


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