Going the Distance for CAF

January 8, 2009 – Nowadays, it seems it’s always rush, rush, rush – so as long as you’re running, why not do like some CAF supporters in Arizona and use all that running to fight thalassemia?

Thirteen wonderful young people, including kindergarteners on one end of the age scale and a college student on the other, are participating in the 2009 Rock’n’Roll Marathon Arizona on January 17. And while they’ll get the benefit of that healthy glow that comes with a “brisk” run, they’re mainly doing it to raise funds for CAF.

You can reward their spirit and dedication by going to www.firstgiving.com/2009azcafkids and making a generous donation. The money raised will help CAF to continue to fund vital medical research, provide valuable patient services and spread information about thalassemia.

The racers – Frankie & Juliana Gulko, Alexander & Kaitlin & Hannah Webber, Stephanie Ng, Lily & Maggie Engel, Jacob & Rebecca Abraham, Jamie Whelan, Jennifer & Jasmine Truong, Joe & Gina Briones, Kristen Okada, Meghan & Hana Foe – are already doing their part. Let’s show them our support!

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