Get Your Appetites On – NYS OSIA Dine Around is April 2

January 31, 2013 – The New York State Grand Lodge of OSIA (Order Sons of Italy in America) has set its 2013 Dine-Around for Cooley’s Anemia for Tuesday, April 2.

For the Dine Around, some of Long Island’s finest restaurants provide a variety of dishes from which diners choose. Verdis

The Dine Around runs from 7:00-10:00 on April 2 at Verdi’s of Westbury, 680 Old Country Road in Westbury, NY. The Chair of the Dine Around is Joan Rondeinelli; Grace Serafini-Ferrara is the co-Chair.

Cost is only $45.00 per person; for more information and reservations, contact Joan Rondinelli at (516) 799-0044 or (516) 732-0844.

CAF thanks the wonderful people at the New York State Grand Lodge of OSIA for their steadfast and invaluable support in the fight against thalassemia.


Can you identify the songs that the following food-related lyrics come from? (Click on the links accompanying each lyric to see if you’re right):

food music“You’re alone and you’re scared/but the banquet’s all prepared/No one’s gloomy or complaining/When the flatware’s entertaining.” (Click here for the answer.)

“Who can take the sunrise/Sprinkle it with dew/Cover it with choc’late and a miracle or two?” (Click here for the answer.)

“Hot sausage and mustard/While we’re in the mood/Cold jelly and custard/Pease pudding and saveloys/What next is the question?/Rich gentlemen have it, boys/Indigestion!” (Click here for the answer.)


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