Cigar Smoker Set for May 10

March 14, 2013 – There’s one place to be on May 10: at the 2013 CAF Cigar Smoker at New York’s legendary Grand Havana Room.

The Smoker starts at 6:00, but your evening starts as soon as you walk into the lobby of 666 Fifth Avenue, the building that houses the Grand Havana Room. The lobby is a work of art itself, featuring an exquisite ceiling sculpture and waterfall designed by the famous Isamu Noguchi. And the actual quarters of the Grand Havana Room are equally impressive, covering 17,000 square feet and offering an aerial view of New York that is…stunning? Breath-taking? Amazing? Take your pick; they all apply.

Then there’s the food. Mouth-watering. A true culinary delight. And the cocktail hour preceding dinner simply cannot be beat.

And did we mention the cigars? A choice selection and a primary reason that access to the Grand Havana Room is such a sought-after prize.It all adds up to an evening you can’t afford to miss.

Tickets are $400 apiece. More information at (631) 863-0532 or

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