Chi: Giving Back on Giving Tuesday

Sometimes giving means giving back. Just ask Chi.

Chi (R), with one of his sons

Chi was born with thalassemia and has worked hard to make sure that this blood disorder doesn’t run his life. He attributes his success in this area to the support he has received from his family, his doctors, other patients and, of course, the Cooley’s Anemia Foundation (CAF). That’s why Chi has spent a great deal of time “giving back” to the Foundation.

For the past four years, Chi has been actively involved with CAF’s annual Care Walk, helping to organize his local event and making it a tremendous success; the DC Chillin’ Team has raised over $21,000 since 2012. He has also given back directly to the community, especially through sharing his story at the annual CAF Patient Conference.

Now Chi urges all supporters of CAF to make a special donation to the Foundation as part of Giving Tuesday 2015.

“Even the smallest donation can make a difference,” Chi says. “That little bit you give today may change the lives of future generations.”

On behalf of Chi and thalassemia patients across the country, thank you! Our work would not be possible without you.

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