Check Your Prescriptions to Get Correct Chelator

May 11, 2010 – CAF has been notified that a second pharmacuetical company, APP Pharmaceuticals, has begun manufacturing the generic form of the iron chelator deferoxamine mesylate.

If you wish to receive the brand name form of deferoxamine (Desferal) rather than the generic form, please make sure that your doctor writes “DAW” (Dispense As Written) on your prescription. Many pharmacies have a policy of filling prescriptions with generic equivalents if “DAW” is NOT on the prescription.

Generic forms of brand name drugs should be bioequivalent to the brand name form and CAF does not recommend one form of deferoxamine over another; however, some patients have a preference and we want to make sure that these patients receive the chelator in the form they desire.

Parents of Individuals with Thalassemia

Join CAF Social Worker Kathleen Durst for a Conference Call on

May 25, 2010

7:30 p.m. (EST)

to Discuss Any Questions You May Have. CAF Board Member Peter Chieco Will Be Joining Us to Share His Experiences as the Parent of a Child with Thalassemia.

For information contact

Kathleen Durst,

(800) 522-7222 ,

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