CDC Announces Funding Opportunity in Thalassemia Pilot Interventions

The following is a notice that, RFA-DD-14-003, “Pilot Interventions to Promote the Health of People with Blood Disorders,” has been published with the correct dates on, December 23, 2013.

Deadline date is: March 06, 2014.

To Access the Announcement & Application Package:

1. Go to:
2. Select: “Applicants” from the top menu
3. Select: “Apply for Grants”
4. Select: “Download a Grant Application Package”

In the “Funding Opportunity Number” box, type the number formatted as: RFA-DD-14-003

The funding opportunity announcement (FOA) will support pilot studies addressing the following areas of interest:

(1) Hemophilia – Joint Disease
NCBDDD/DBD is interested in evidence-based interventions that: (1) maximize the effective use of prophylaxis to prevent joint bleeding or (2) improve/maintain joint mobility among people with hemophilia. Interventions may be focused at either the individual or systems level or both.

(2) Thalassemia – Complications
NCBDDD/ DBD is interested in developing evidence-based interventions that: (1) improve adherence to chelation treatment regimens, or (2) minimize complications of treatment to enhance the quality of life for people with thalassemia.

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