Medical Research

At CAF, Medical Research is Key

Medical researchers who are interested in initiating a thalassemia-related project or who have an existing project that requires additional funding: The Cooley’s Anemia Foundation may be just what you need.

CAF has a decades-long history of supporting innovative and important research in thalassemia. Our established and respected Medical Fellowship program has funded numerous early career individuals who have continued to stay in the thalassemia field and make important contributions to the scientific and clinical study of thalassemia.

Our Support for Ongoing Clinical Research in Thalassemia Grants and Clinical Trials in Thalassemia Cell and Gene Therapy Grants are aggressively pushing forward the understanding of issues of concern to the growing thalassemia population and helping to propel advances in areas of primary importance.

Study Looks At Cardiac Iron Removal with Exjade

December 1, 2010 – A study published ahead of print in the journal Haematologica presents data indicating that the oral chelator deferasirox (Exjade)  is effective at removing iron from the hearts of patients with thalassemia. The study (“Continued improvement in myocardial T2* over 2 years of deferasirox treatment in β-thalassemia major patients with cardiac iron […]

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