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Thalassemia Care Walk Location Directory

Thalassemia Care Walk 2023 Locations

Care Walk is the Cooley’s Anemia Foundation’s annual fundraising event and opportunity to bring together the thalassemia community and its supporters around the country. Funds raised support medical research to fight thalassemia, a genetic blood disorder, as well as patient support services for thalassemia patients across the country. Your Walk, Your Way! Care Walk is set up […]

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2023-2024 Educational Incentive Award Program for Children of Individuals with Thalassemia

The Cooley’s Anemia Foundation is initiating an educational incentive award program for children of U.S. individuals with severe thalassemia to further their education and career goals. These awards will be given in March, 2024 for students enrolled in the fall 2023 and/or spring 2024 semester(s). The total amount of funding for this program for the […]

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The Man Behind the Name: Thomas Benton Cooley, M.D.

September 19, 2016 – People often ask why the major form of beta thalassemia is known as Cooley’s anemia. Beta thalassemia major is widely referred to as Cooley’s anemia in reference to Dr. Thomas Benton Cooley, the renowned researcher who discovered the disorder. Thomas Benton Cooley was an American physician specializing in pediatrics and hematology. […]

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CAF Launches “Council of Heroes” Campaign

Septembr 20, 2103 – Dear Friends, On this, the 59th anniversary of our founding, the Cooley’s Anemia Foundation is proud to announce the launch of our “Council of Heroes” initiative. This new investment campaign is designed to move the Cooley’s Anemia Foundation to a new level of activity and achievement, thus enabling us to more […]

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Cooley’s Anemia Foundation Recognized as Thalassemia Society of Excellence

September 17, 2013 – The Cooley’s Anemia Foundation (CAF) is proud to announce that it has been selected to receive the prestigious Sultan Bin Khalifa International Award for Thalassaemia Society of Excellence. His Highness Sultan Bin Khalifa Al Nahyan of the United Arab Emirates has named CAF to receive this first Thalassemia Society of Excellence Award at the Thalassaemia International […]

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Medical Research Receives Boost from CAF

August 2, 2012 – The Cooley’s Anemia Foundation is allocating $317,500 in medical research funding this year to a range of important and exciting projects. This funding represents one new and two renewed CAF Medical Fellowships; two new and two delayed clinical research grants; and a new gene therapy research grant. Funding medical research has long been […]

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