Care Walk Spotlight: Team Yasmeen

Meet Yasmeen Anis. Yasmeen Care Walks because she has thalassemia and she wants to fundraise toward a cure! Her team has been Care Walking in Spring Hill, Florida since 2018.

Yasmeen first got involved with Care Walk by joining a friend’s team and participating virtually from another state. She then decided to start her own team locally with her family. Her team starts their walk at a local park and enjoys a picnic lunch afterwards. 🙂

Team Yasmeen mostly consists of family, close friends, and a few co-workers. She built her team by advertising on her social media and posting flyers at work and in her neighborhood. She also successfully reached out to the local blood bank to set up a blood drive at her walk and they even advertised it on their website!

Her advice for people wanting to start their own team?

“Start small! I was really nervous about starting my team, but I just started with my family and it slowly got bigger with a few friends and co-workers. My team is small, but mighty!”

Go Team Yasmeen!!! You have our support!!!

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