Care Walk Spotlight: StL Thal Pals

The StL Thal Pals walk in, you guessed it, St Louis, Missouri!  Erica Stick is the Care Walk Captain and this is how she put her walk together.

“I was lucky enough to get to know so many amazing people in the thalassemia community in my previous job,” says Erica. “Working with them daily really instilled a passion in me to do more to show my support for the community.  Once I realized all the amazing things done by the Cooley’s Anemia Foundation, it was a no brainer to participate! I’m honored to be a tiny part of such a great organization and patient community.

“When I started working with the thalassemia community, I had a desire to learn more about the disease and ways I could do more. When I saw the announcement for the Care Walk, I realized it was a great way to pull our team together and help. I believe this will be my 8th year as a captain and I absolutely LOVE participating in such a great event with my work family and friends!

“Our team is made up of friends, family and co-workers. I advertised throughout my previous company to raise additional funds and now I’m doing the same at my current job. We also reached out to local chelation prescribers in the St. Louis area and provided them with information regarding the Care Walk.  I always share the StL Thal Pals Care Walk link on my social media accounts to help spread the word.

“We base the location and date of the walk on team member availability. Our goal is always to have the most people available so we can all have fun walking together!”

Erica has this advice for new Care Walk teams:  Don’t be shy!  “I know it’s hard to ask people for money or to donate but by sharing the reason you are walking and your passion for supporting the Thalassemia community you’d be surprised how many are willing to help. Also, don’t be embarrassed if you don’t raise the most money and have a small team.  Every dollar goes to an amazing cause and your participation is greatly appreciated!

I always say our team is small but we have a mighty heart when it comes to the Thalassemia community!”

CAF thanks Erica and Team StL Thal Pals for their incredible support!

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