CAF Shares “A Lot of Hope” Video

October 15, 2019 – CAF is pleased to share a new video, entitled “A Lot of Hope,” with the community. This video premiered at our recent annual gala this past June, and features the stories of five families battling thalassemia. While they share some of the painful realities of living with this disorder, they also share their hopes for the future of thalassemia treatment.

We want to thank everyone who shared their stories and dedicated their time to helping realize this project: CAF Volunteer National President Peter Chieco, Dr. Farid Boulad of Memorial Sloan Kettering, the Somma-Hodgskin family, the Pizzulli family, the Stiso family, the Li family, and the Vigliotti family. We also would like to especially thank Joe Murray and Laurie Messina, whose talents created the video.

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