CAF Hits the Airwaves – Listen Here

October 15, 2013 – Representatives of the Cooley’s Anemia Foundation were spreading important information about thalassemia on two prime radio programs last week and through a special Columbus Day Parade appearance.

On October 10, CAF Board Member Amy Celento was the special guest of Dr. Nieco Goldberg on her program, “Beyond the Heart.” Amy is the parent of a child with thalassemia and spoke at length about the issues facing people with thalassemia and the work that CAF does on behalf of the community.

Click here to listen to the Sirius XM Doctor Radio broadcast.

CAF Board Member Peter Chieco was a special guest on WGCH-AM on the morning of October 11. Peter is also the parent of a child with thalassemia and discussed the challenges associated with thalassemia and how CAF is working to make a difference.

Click here to listen to the WGCH-AM Radio broadcast.

CAF thanks Amy Celento and Peter Chieco for their commitment to CAF and the thalassemia community and for helping to raise awareness among radio listeners in this way.

CAF also participated in the Columbus Day Parade in New York City on October 14, as it does every year. CAF’s float and marchers attracted a great deal of attention, further aiding us in our efforts to raise the profile of thalassemia among the public. The Foundation thanks all those who joined us for the Parade; it wouldn’t be possible without you!

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