Aaron Cheng Selected for 2015 CAF-ApoPharma Distinguished Scholar Award

January 5, 2016- The Cooley’s Anemia Foundation is pleased to announce that Aaron Cheng has been named recipient of the 2015 CAF-ApoPharma Distinguished Scholar Award. The Award is presented to U.S. individuals with a clinically significant form of thalassemia who have chosen to pursue postgraduate doctoral level studies in medicine or science. Aaron is currently a first year student at Harvard Medical School. He received his undergraduate degree in Chemical and Physical Biology from Harvard College.

AaronScholarThe CAF-ApoPharma Distinguished Scholar Award is made possible through a grant from pharmaceutical manufacturer ApoPharma, which initially provided the funds in recognition of the Foundation’s 60th anniversary and in honor of the Foundation’s dedication to the community and of the thalassemia patient community’s tireless commitment to overcoming the challenges presented by the disorder. The scholarship is in the amount of $20,000.

Congratulations to Aaron Cheng were offered by Dr. Michael Spino, President of ApoPharma Inc., and he noted that it was fitting that the 2015 recipient of the CAF-ApoPharma Distinguished Scholar Award be awarded to a student at Harvard Medical School, which has done so much to advance the understanding of thalassemia and its treatment.

The Distinguished Scholar Award Committee reviewed all of the applications and was impressed with the high level of quality from each applicant. Aaron was chosen for his outstanding academic record, scope of knowledge and commitment to the highest standards, among other factors.

“The Foundation is pleased to award this special scholarship opportunity to Aaron,” says Anthony J. Viola, CAF National President. “His exceptional qualities and abilities make him an ideal recipient and the Foundation is proud to offer support as he takes the next steps in his career path, and we thank ApoPharma for providing the funding for this important Award. I also would like to thank the Committee for their time and commitment in reviewing the applications.”

“I want to thank the Cooley’s Anemia Foundation for being a constant source of support and inspiration, and to thank ApoPharma for its commitment to higher education in the thalassemia patient population,” says Aaron. “The CAF and its members continue to be an important source of motivation for me as I embark on my medical education. In the future, I hope to contribute to the CAF mission by becoming an effective and compassionate physician.”

CAF congratulates Aaron on this significant achievement and wishes him all the best in his studies.

2014ScholarsInformation concerning applications for the 2016 CAF-ApoPharma Distinguished Scholar Award can be downloaded by clicking here.

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