Monet Jackson is young but she knows how to win  hearts – and how to win out over thalassemia.  With your support, there’s no telling what she will accomplish.

Born with thalassemia, Julia Tang has been cured through bone marrow transplantation.  Not everyone can benefit from treatments like these – yet.  But CAF is making sure that advances continue so that all patients will one day be cured.

The support of people like you makes these advances like these possible.  Thank you!

Robert Mannino has been getting blood transfusions since he was six months old.  But that hasn’t stopped him from pursuing his dream.  Read about this Georgia Tech student (and thalassemia patient)’s use of research to find a better way.

Alyssa Altieri says, without a doubt, that her mom, Sandy is her best friend. Since Alyssa was diagnosed with thalassemia at just five months old, Sandy has been there for her every day.

Welcome to the Cooley's Anemia Foundation Website

The Cooley's Anemia Foundation is dedicated to serving people afflicted with various forms of thalassemia, most notably the major form of this genetic blood disease, Cooley's anemia/thalassemia major.

Our mission is advancing the treatment and cure for this fatal blood disease, enhancing the quality of life of patients and educating the medical profession, trait carriers and the public about Cooley's anemia/thalassemia major.

Thalassemia Spotlights

  • Care Walk Spotlight: StL Thal Pals

    The StL Thal Pals walk in, you guessed it, St Louis, Missouri!  Erica Stick is the Care Walk Captain and this is how she put her walk together. “I was lucky enough to get to know so many amazing people in the thalassemia community in my previous job,” says Erica. “Working with them daily really […]

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  • Care Walk Spotlight: Team Yasmeen

    Meet Yasmeen Anis. Yasmeen Care Walks because she has thalassemia and she wants to fundraise toward a cure!  Her team has been Care Walking in Spring Hill, Florida since 2018. Yasmeen first got involved with Care Walk by joining a friend’s team and participating virtually from another state. She then decided to start her own […]

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  • Registration for the 2022 CAF Patient-Family Conference is now open!

    The conference is July 15-17 in Rosemont, IL. Register now at:

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