Raise Funds by Joining CAF’s Care Walk 2014 on May 4!

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Care Walk 2014 Page!

Be a part of the Cooley’s Anemia Foundation’s Care Walk 2014 on May 4, 2014!


Interested in helping the Cooley’s Anemia Foundation raise funds for Care Walk 2014 on May 4, 2014? From this site, you can:


  • register for Care Walk 2014,
  • start or join a team,
  • set a goal, and
  • begin raising money in support of our cause!

You can also

  • donate to a participating individual or Walker or GeneralDonate
  • make a general donation to the Cooley’s Anemia Foundation.

Registration costs $20 per person.

All Walkers who register by April 6 will receive a Care Walk t-shirt. Please note that no t-shirts can be supplied to individuals who register after April 6, 2014.

What is Care Walk?


Care Walk is the Cooley’s Anemia Foundation’s annual fundraising event and opportunity to bring together the thalassemia community and its supporters around the country. The Care Walk on May 4, 2014 will raise funds to fight thalassemia, a genetic blood disorder. (Learn more about thalassemia below.)


Care Walk is unique because it offers you flexibility: you may participate in an already organized Walk or you may determine where you want to walk and plan an event that works for you. You determine what your Care Walk route will be (around a lake, park, etc.) and who is involved (just yourself and a few friends or a large group of people) or you can see a list of organized walks (click here) to see if one is near you.

After Registration

Okay, after you fill out your registration form – what next?

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It’s time to let your friends, families, workers, colleagues and everyone else know that YOU are Care Walking for thalassemia! We request that registrants set $100 as the minimum amount that they seek to raise. All who reach this goal will be recognized on our CAF website.  


In addition:

Individual Care Walkers who raise $500 will be entered into a raffle to win a $200 Visa Gift Card.  (One winner will be selected from this raffle.)

Individuals who raise $1,000 will be entered into  a raffle to win an Apple iPad. (One winner will be selected from this raffle.)


For the thalassemia patient or family member who raises the most money, we will cover the cost of his or her hotel room for the 2014 Patient~Family Conference in Chicago.

After you register, you will be able to set up your Care Walk fundraising page and then send an email to people you wish to ask to sponsor you. We’ve already supplied you with wording that you can use; you can simply use that wording or you can change it and customize it to fit you.

What is thalassemia?


Thalassemia is a group of genetic blood disorders. Children born with the most severe form require lifelong blood transfusions as often as every two weeks and a daily drug treatment that for many is difficult and burdensome. A patient’s life span is shortened due to complications that can damage and destroy organs.


To find a walk near you go to: https://www.thalassemia.org/2014-care-walk-locations/

Questions? Just contact Brandon Jones at b.jones@thalassemia.org and he will be happy to help.


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